May’s visit to India.

As Home Secretary, she did everything in her hand to keep Indians at bay including one of her initiatives (which was later abandoned) where she classified Indians as high risky countries and expected a £3000 as a security bond. As the Prime Minister, she continues to show off her unwillingness to budge down on immigration laws. Her outright rejection of the proposal arguing that the current system was generous enough (maybe?) Is just one of her examples. Not to forget that she is in India to restart India-UK trade talks keeping view of the fact that as a member to the EU (still) they can’t have a standalone trade deal with another country (maybe I am wrong?) that they themselves don’t know what is happening with BREXIT to begin with. HANG ON! I am confused! So what are you doing in India? You have come to have a post “BREXIT” trade deal talk at your terms and conditions? Seriously? I would have suggested going to the counsellor/psychiatrist at the NHS but then I realised you may be going through a shortage of doctors given you are busy “strategising” exit for foreign doctors. 


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