India, EU and the New Bilateral Investment Treaty

24th Feb, 2017. There is a very interesting blog-post by Rob Howse (@howserob) on International Economic Law and Policy Blog  on how India should hold firm against the European efforts to undermine its new model Bilateral Investment Treaty ( The column is all praise for India's model BIT and very contemporary especially when there is pressure … Continue reading India, EU and the New Bilateral Investment Treaty


India & the Bubble

On 27th October, 2016, it was one of those discussions over Diwali dinner where a family friend asked me what do I think of government policies and reforms. Maybe the government is in the right direction (don't know what is right or wrong), I said, it still appears that they are living in a bubble … Continue reading India & the Bubble

FDI Policy-NIC Code-Data-India

Back in 2015, DIPP set out a discussion paper in which it asked for comments and suggestions from the stakeholders/investors for further improvement. Based on the existing Discussion Paper on the `Mapping of the FDI Policy  with NIC Code 2008', I made the following suggestions which were submitted before the deadline of 30th November, 2015: 1. … Continue reading FDI Policy-NIC Code-Data-India