FDI Policy-NIC Code-Data-India

Back in 2015, DIPP set out a discussion paper in which it asked for comments and suggestions from the stakeholders/investors for further improvement. Based on the existing Discussion Paper on the `Mapping of the FDI Policy  with NIC Code 2008', I made the following suggestions which were submitted before the deadline of 30th November, 2015: 1. … Continue reading FDI Policy-NIC Code-Data-India



In a recent interaction, I was being asked if I could think of tools for trade that should be there but is not available so far. In the Indian context, of course. A topic close to my heart, my bread and butter, my response was the following: ******* Availability of trade statistics in the most … Continue reading Data-Trade-India-OpenGovernment

New Database on Trade Agreements

I came across a new database which provides in-depth information on the nature of trade agreements that have been entered between the period 1947 and 2010. As the website says, "The Design of Trade Agreements Database (DESTA) aims to systematically collect data on various types of preferential trade agreements (PTAs). These may be customs unions, … Continue reading New Database on Trade Agreements

Interesting Readings – September, 2016

More Wealth, More Jobs, But Not for Everyone: What Fuels The Backlash on Trade by Peter Goodman, New York Times, 29th September, 2016. In this article Peter Goodman writes about the unaccounted consequences of international trade. There is an interesting quote in this article - “The debates that we are having about globalization and the adjustment … Continue reading Interesting Readings – September, 2016