Interesting Readings – September, 2016

More Wealth, More Jobs, But Not for Everyone: What Fuels The Backlash on Trade by Peter Goodman, New York Times, 29th September, 2016.

In this article Peter Goodman writes about the unaccounted consequences of international trade. There is an interesting quote in this article –

“The debates that we are having about globalization and the adjustment cost, these are the conversations that we should have been having when we did Nafta, and when China entered the W.T.O.,” said Chad P. Bown, a trade expert at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. “There were people talking about these things, but they weren’t taken very seriously at the time. There’s a lot of policy regret.”

“We do need to have these trade agreements,” Mr. Bown said, “but we do need to be cognizant that there are going to be losers, and we need to have policies to address them.”

The interesting bit about this quote is that it holds true for policy deliberations conducted even today at national, regional & international level.Yet policymakers appear to be ignorant or prefer to be ignorant about it.


What Can Mexico Do About Trump? By Eduardo Porter, New York Times, 27th September 2016

Personally, I think it is brilliant on how Mexico chose retaliate with Christmas tress and apples thus targeting political targets. Killing two birds with one arrow is what it is!


Trade Globalization In The Last Two Centuries, Michel Fouquin, World Economic Forum, 21st September, 2016

The article talks about a new dataset providing new evidence to globalization.


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